A family run driving school since 1986 offering male and female instructors.


Luka – West Bromwich

“I think Rita is a driving instructor for anyone. She is extremely friendly and pushes you in the right direction to do things which end up making you a better driver and progressing you at a faster rate than you would even expect. I feel like she has had confidence in me even from the first lesson which has given me extra confidence to be better. I’ve enjoyed my lessons with her and I don’t feel like I would have had as much success with another instructor.”
Naomi – Smethwick

“I was very nervous when I first started my driving lessons but Rita soon made me feel very comfortable and assured me that I would be safe and not worry about a thing. She is such a lovely person and very professional with a lot of attention to detail, very patient and doesn’t give you anything she thinks you can’t handle. After my first lesson, I knew she would be the instructor I would be happy to continue with and now I enjoy regular lessons with her.”
Liam – Wednesbury

After a lesson with Rita, I feel more confident. The best thing about Rita is she is a very patient woman.”
Lubna – Oldbury

“Rita is a nice person. She made me confident whilst driving. She has good time keeping and I like the way she explains things. She is my third instructor. With my other two instructors, I didn’t really learn much but with Rita, I’ve noticed what I wasn’t learning first I am picking up now. She really boosts my confidence and with driving she is always like ‘Never give up, never give up’. Rita is a really good instructor.”
Mariola – Tipton

“Rita is really a great instructor. Her experience makes me feel more confident now then I was at the beginning. She is very helpful and strict but fair.”
David – Great Barr

Just started driving lessons with Anglia School Of Motoring. My instructor Rita made me feel comfortable and at ease giving me clear instrucvtions and directions. I was dreading driving lessons but I have found these lessons to be a pleasure as well as learning. Down to earth instructor, easy to understand, very pleasant. I would highly recommend.”
Loren – Walsall

“I’m really confident after I’ve had a driving lesson with Rita. She is very good at relaying instructions to you and going at your own pace. She doesn’t rush you or let you feel panicked if you’ve done something wrong. My mom passed first time with Rita.”
Alison – Kingstanding

“I started driving lessons with Rita after listening to recommendations from others who had passed their driving test with Anglia. I found every driving lesson enjoyable, comfortable and encouraging. Rita is a very patient and supportive instructor, who makes you feel at ease and boosts your confidence. I passed my theory test first time and within a few months then felt ready to take my practical driving test. I also passed that first time! I would recommend that anyone who is looking for a reliable and positive driving school needs to look no further – go with Anglia because you will probably not find another one that is better.”
Satty – Smethwick

“I passed my test with Anglia. Rita was my instructor. I know they have other instructors there as well. My sister Gally passed with Rita too. I was so pleased with my lessons. Rita gave me the full hour, did not cut my lessons short . I know she taught me properly because I was not frightened to go out on my own after I passed. I felt I could handle any situation on my own. Rita is a very nice person, and no matter how many problems she may have of her own she always puts that behind her and gives you 100% for the hour you paid for.”
Naseem – Walsall

I took my driving lessons with Rita from Anglia School of Motoring in 2009. The training she gave me improved my knowledge and skills needed to drive. She provided a good learning environment. Rita has a good personality and she is patient. Rita restored my self-esteem and confidence in driving which was lacking. I truly think Rita is a gifted driving instructor. She is a peoples person. I will and would recommend Rita to other people.”
Eduardo – Wednesbury

“I learnt to drive Rita, she made me believe in myself and I passed with flying colours. She is highly recommended.”
Coleen – West Bromwich

“I was looking for a driving instructor who was patient and experienced in dealing with nervous pupils. I had no confidence whatsoever. I tried Rita and could not believe how she was everything I had wanted. Rita was patient, put me at ease, and gave me confidence. She made me believe in myself that I could do it. She helped me achieve my number one goal and that was to pass my driving test. Yes!!!!! Thanks Rita.”
Salma – Oldbury

Rita was recommended to me by my sister and numerous other people, to instruct my driving lessons. She is a brilliant teacher, If it had not been for Rita I would not have passed my driving test, as I also have taken lessons with other instructors. She gave instructions and explanation in a manner which was easily understandable. I found Rita to be an easy-going, kind, caring, thoughtful and open-minded person. I am able to speak to Rita freely in confidence and I think of Rita as a friend rather than an instructor. I used to enjoy my driving lessons and looked forward to my next one each week. I wish her all the best for the future.”
Rachael – Oldbury

My experience with Rita has really helped me to develop my driving. I started not knowing how to move the car and have progressed rapidly over a short period of time. This is due to Rita’s experience and confidence in her students. I had a three month gap, and went back in to driving with Rita worried I had forgotten everything, and also whether Rita would take me back. Within five minutes I was amazed at how quickly I picked it up again. Rita had no problem with me about my three month absence and was rather pleased I chose to go back to her and not somebody else.”
Paul – West Bromwich

“I’ve been learning with Rita for about 3 months and I’m absolutely loving it. I’d recommend this school to anyone, male or female, wanting to learn at any stage.”
Sadie – Smethwick

“I’ve been through the yellow pages looking for driving schools (in fact about 10 altogether) and Rita from Anglia is the only one I got on with. She really does put you at ease and after a while I considered her as a friend as well as an instructor. I had one test before I went to Rita, but I did not think I was ready for it. I looked forward to my lessons with Rita whereas I dreaded them before.”
Rose – West Bromwich

I just had two lessons with Rita but I can honestly say that she is a brilliant driving instructor. She is strict but in a way a learner can learn. She corrects mistakes straight away even the minute ones. I appreciate how she builds my confidence on the road and I’m thoroughly enjoying my learning experience with her.”
Asma – Great Barr

“Rita taught my elder sister Razia, and myself. She was recommended to me by my sister, at that time I had already started with somebody else who was constantly shouting at me. I moved over to Rita and stayed with her till I passed. Rita is an excellent driving instructor who is patient and committed.”
Daljit – Wednesbury

“Before I started learning to drive with Anglia, I had many driving instructors. I didn’t feel that I was making much progress with them and therefore I became disheartened and kept giving up. Anglia gave me the skills and confidence to keep going and I passed my test. This driving school not only prepares you for the test, but driving safely for life, which is more important. I was more than happy with the teaching because the driving and manoevres were explained in simple terms. Also Anglia don’t waste your time and tell you honestly when you are ready to take your test. Since passing my test with them, it has opened lots of opportunities/doors for me. Thanks Rita.”
Sheli – West Bromwich

“Rita is an excellent driving instructor with outstanding level of patience and high communication skills. Her years of experience will be a great benefit to anyone wishing to learn to drive. She took me on when I lacked confidence and turned me into a lion hearted person! I will recommend here to anyone who wished to drive.”
Sandeep – West Bromwich

Hi everyone! I recommend Rita to anybody. She is very good and has a lot of patience, especially with me, lol. She has made me more confident on the roads. I look forward to having my lessons, she makes them enjoyable. She also makes me feel relaxed. Rita has also become a very good friend to me. You’re a STAR!!!”
Dawn – West Bromwich

“I started driving with Rita because my friend Jane recommended Anglia to me. She passed with Rita and praised her highly. I had a few lessons with another instructor. He made me extremely nervous with his manner and shouty nature. On the second lesson he yelled at me because the car went too fast around the corner but he did not give me instructions how to do the turn. Rita was really patient and taught me the basics in a few weeks. I am still learning and shall be putting in for my test shortly. With Ritas’ patience and expertise, I shall hopefully pass 1st time. Even if I don’t pass first time at least I know I have been taught to drive for life and not how to just pass my test. Rita gives you real value for your money and uses every second of your lesson to teach you professionally.”
Shabana – Walsall

After several instructors I found Rita. She was friendly, patient, punctual and most of all a very confident instructor. These qualified make the perfect instructor to help you pass, she also helped me with my theory. I would recommend Rita to anybody who wants to learn to drive and not waste their time.”
Susan - Kingstanding

"I recently passed my driving test with Anglia School of Motoring. Before joining Anglia I was with a well known national brand, but I had only one lesson with that instructor. The services Anglia provided to me were very good and I could tell from the first driving lesson that my driving instructor's skills were very professional. I would advise anyone to try Anglia School of Motoring."