Female Driving Instructor

It is vitally important to choose the right person to teach you to drive from the start whether it be a male or female driving instructor. You may respond better to a female driving instructor. Driving instructing was historically a job delivered by men but the role of the driving instructor is now often filled by female driving instructors.

Why choose a female driving instructor?

Many people, especially women prefer their driving instructor to be a female for a number of reasons. They may feel more at ease with a female or they may be required to learn with a female for religious or cultural reasons. More women are now learning to drive than ever before and the demand for female driving instructors has never been greater.

A growing number of men are also seeking the services of a female driving instructor purely because they may experience a better quality of tuition. Many people come to Anglia School of Motoring because it offers a very experienced female instructor.

What are the advantages of using a female driving instructor?

Rightly or wrongly, some people feel intimidated by the prospect of learning to drive with a male instructor. This may be because of the old-fashioned stereotypes about male and female drivers. Many believe a female driving instructor will be friendlier, more patient and a better listener. Quite a few ladies and men too like to tell their female instructor things they would not otherwise tell anybody else.

For whatever reason, you will learn to drive more quickly if you are happy with your instructor, feel relaxed with her/him as you will take on instructions much more effectively. Therefore, you should learn to drive with an instructor suited to your needs whether it be a male or female instructor.

It is estimated that currently there are five female pupils to every three males. Only 15% of the 30,000 driving instructors registered with the Driving Standard Agency are female driving instructors.

All our instructors are DBS checked proving that they do not possess a criminal record. You are entitled to request to see proof our this government check.


Rachael – Oldbury

“My experience with Rita has really helped me to develop my driving. I started not knowing how to move the car and have progressed rapidly over a short period of time. This is due to Rita’s experience and confidence in her students. I had a three month gap, and went back in to driving with Rita worried I had forgotten everything, and also whether Rita would take me back. Within five minutes I was amazed at how quickly I picked it up again. Rita had no problem with me about my three month absence and was rather pleased I chose to go back to her and not somebody else.”