Driving refresher courses

Driving refresher courses could be a suitable solution for various circumstances. For example:

  • you have not driven for some time and need a top-up;
you lack confidence in your driving and want to reassure yourself;

  • you want to improve an aspect of your driving such as city centres.

Everybody is unique and has different requirements. The courses are informal and designed specifically to address your personal requirements. There is no test and no pressure. The courses can be delivered consecutively or as a series of individual sessions.

Are your driving refresher courses suitable for nervous drivers?

Absolutely! In fact, that is why many drivers come to see us. They want to become more confident on the roads. More confidence is likely to keep you safe and react appropriately to situations such as other bad drivers or pedestrians running unexpectedly in the road.

Satty in West Bromwich

Satty – Smethwick

“I passed my test with Anglia. Rita was my instructor. I know they have other instructors there as well. My sister Gally passed with Rita too. I was so pleased with my lessons. Rita gave me the full hour, did not cut my lessons short . I know she taught me properly because I was not frightened to go out on my own after I passed. I felt I could handle any situation on my own. Rita is a very nice person, and no matter how many problems she may have of her own she always puts that behind her and gives you 100% for the hour you paid for.